TrustedAgent Platform

TrustedAgent PlatformTrustedAgent provides an enterprise technology platform from which organizations can identify and manage regulatory compliance and authorization activities, conduct audits and assessments, and provide risk and compliance management along with management reporting across the enterprise. TrustedAgent aggregates and maps IT and non-IT assets from various configuration, asset management, and vulnerability management tools to business processes for the analysis and understanding of the enterprise risk profile, compliance and remediation.

Highlighted Features of TrustedAgent Platform

  • Highly Scalable, Three-Tier Architecture :: TrustedAgent platform is built using J2EE web technology delivering collaborated, content-rich and powerful capabilities through modern browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. TrustedAgent's three-tier architecture, consisting of web server, application server, and a database server, offers scalability and exceptional security with optimal access for a large number of users to efficiently access information within the application. TrustedAgent has successfully undergone numerous security assessments, and attained authorization to operate at several government agencies and commercial organizations.
  • Choices of Diverse Technologies :: TrustedAgent is platform-independent capable of supporting operating systems including Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows. Organizations can select application servers including open-source Apache Tomcat with Java server, or commercial solutions such as IBM WebSphere or Microsoft IIS. For data storage, TrustedAgent integrates with Oracle or Microsoft SQL server databases.
  • Multi-Level Access :: Out-of-the-box TrustedAgent provides access to pre-defined industry-based roles, as well as the ability to create and customize any number of roles and profiles to best match organization's access and reporting practices.
  • Custom Data Fields and Custom Forms :: Any number of custom data fields to better match organization's business processes can be added. Custom forms, selectable by end-users, can also be configured and deployed to supoprt data collection purposes.
  • User Authentication :: Meet the stringent user authentication requirements for many government agencies and commercial organizations by supporting several authentication methods including native user ID/password, LDAP, ActiveDirectory, and smartcards.
  • Data Uploads, Imports and Exports :: Provide the ability to import and export data into and from TrustedAgent using a variety of data formats including excel and XML. Support upload capability to accelerate new deployments and data migration from legacy systems.
  • Data Warehousing :: TrustedAgent's built-in reporting engine allows organizations to further streamline reporting requirements by integrating TrustedAgent's data to existing reporting solutions such as Crystal Reports and other data warehouses.
  • Custom Reporting :: Report writers can create custom report templates using TrustedAgent's ad hoc reporting module and to make available the report templates to users based on their roles and profiles.
  • Customizable Dashboard :: Customizable graphical dashboard provides high level and detailed views from organization to lower unit of key risk and performance metrics, control implementation and assessment compliance, findings, and corrective actions in real-time and as trends over time. Dashboard also offers comprehensive views to assets by type, finding severity, and many more.

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