IT Governance

IT GovernanceTrustedAgent simplifies for organizations the implementation of industry-leading ISO and COBIT frameworks by establishing and communicating an organization's information security policies, and implementing controls through lower organizational units. With TrustedAgent, organizations can evaluate its IT assets for compliance to ISO or COBIT controls, identify and remediate findings, and monitor and ensure effective implementation of remediation.

Highlighted Features supporting IT Governance

  • Organizational Hierarchy :: Define the structure of the organization that owns the inventory starting from the highest organization level to divisions, business or functional units, and onward to lower units, supporting multiple levels.
  • Inventory Management :: Comprehensively maintain inventory of systems, processes, programs, vendors and sites, and the applicable regulations, standards, and controls based on defined hierarchy.
  • Asset Management :: Manage assets such as hardware, operating systems, and others across the enterprise. Capture key relationships of assets to organizational hierarchy and established inventory.
  • People Management :: Maintain key contacts of the inventory, and include those contacts to generated documents.
  • Interconnection Management :: Organize interconnections and SLAs with key contacts, completion and expiration dates, and statuses.
  • Risk Treatment and Remediation Management :: Identify and prioritize IT risks from audits, self-assessments, and vulnerability scanning reports. Link findings to audit reports to impacted assets and corrective actions. Manage corrective actions and supporting milestones, and their implementation to address identified findings. Remediation milestones may be assigned to multiple individuals. Track remediation progress with milestone status updates.
  • Workflow Management :: Leverage event-based notifications to ensure risk remediation activities are proactively and timely addressed.
  • Authorization Management :: Track key performance metrics including artifact status, and completion and expiration dates. Upload and maintain artifacts to support compliance.
  • Monitor and Preventive Management :: Re-assess remediated controls as the results of corrective action implementation using the continuous monitoring wizard. Identify and assign key controls for periodic re-assessment for effectiveness due to changes. Utilize annual assessment to prioritize and plan annual control review and re-assessment.

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