TrustedAgent Managed Compliance Services (MCS)

TrustedAgent MCSWith Managed Compliance Services, Trusted Integration's regulatory, security and assessment partners work with the organization to rapidly accelerate risk management and compliance activities ranging from compliance reviews to finding identification, and remediation using the TrustedAgent CaaS. These partners are well-known experts from various industries, many of whom possess in-depth knowledge of regulation requirements and TrustedAgent.

Other complementary offerings including application configuration, installation and upgrade, external and internal vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, vendor risk assessment, gap analysis, third-party assessments, project management, etc. are also available. Under MCS, the extent of support can be as little or as comprehensive as required by the organization.

Highlighted Features supporting TrustedAgent CaaS

  • Domain Experts :: Access to industry/domain partners with deep understanding of TrustedAgent CaaS and Trusted Integration's in-house product experts.
  • Virtual Risk and Compliance Office :: TrustedAgent and its partners' offerings serve as virtual Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Chief Risk Officer (CRO), or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO/CSO), enabling the organization access to additional resources and advisories and maintain continued risk management and compliance.
  • Integrated Services :: Combine TrustedAgent functionalities with industry and in-house tool experts to simplify and support the risk management and compliance processes.
  • Knowledge Transfers :: Enhance knowledge sharing to organization's personnel with real-time notifications of activities being completed.
  • Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management :: Gain visibility to risk and compliance activities within the enterprise, including those performed by external parties through dashboard and event-based notifications.

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