TrustedAgent Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

TrustedAgent CaaSTrustedAgent CaaS brings full functionalities of TrustedAgent into a cloud-based GRC subscription for organizations to timely and cost-effectively manage risk and compliance management of their assets and processes. TrustedAgent CaaS can be hosted with our preferred hosting partners, including American Data Technology or Amazon Web Services, to ensure data security, confidentiality, integrity and availability. With TrustedAgent CaaS, organizations eliminate the additional burdens and costs associated with having to manage the solution while gaining access to additional benefits.

TrustedAgent CaaS's flexible and competitive pricing enables organizations to best match their budget needs. For TrustedAgent CaaS customers who desire to bring their data and TrustedAgent back in-house, the switch is easily achieved once the application has been deployed, with no data migration effort and related costs.

Highlighted Features supporting TrustedAgent CaaS

  • Worry-free Infrastructure and Application Management :: Eliminate the burden of having to acquire and maintain infrastructure, software updates and patching, data backup, etc.
  • Full-product Functionalities :: Same capabilities as detailed below with the added benefits of access to premium support, availability to application and content updates, and on-demand computer-based training libraries.
  • Inventory Management :: Comprehensively maintain inventory of processes and assets and applicable regulations, standards, and controls across the organization and lower units. Create and track key documents, artifacts, statuses and dates, to support ongoing risk and compliance management.
  • Control Implementation and Assessment :: Provide a consistent framework to evaluate assets and processes based on risk, assignment of applicable controls, control implementation, and assessment of control effectiveness.
  • Findings Identification and Remediation Management :: Prioritize and quantify findings, associate findings to reports and to impacted assets, and manage findings as corrective actions and milestones for subsequent risk remediation.
  • Dashboard and Reporting :: Visual dashboard provides high level and detailed views to risk metrics, assessment compliance, findings, and corrective actions in both real-time and as trends over time. Generate documents and reports based on pre-defined templates.
  • Risk and Compliance Alerting :: Obtain real-time and scheduled notifications on key changes of your data, 24 x 7 x 365.

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