Audit Management

Audit Management

With TrustedAgent, organizations can plan audits, track audit reports, create and manage audit findings, and implement and monitor audit remediation. TrustedAgent also automates the creation of organizational and regulatory-specific documents to support audit reporting, resulting in significant time and cost savings. TrustedAgent's audit management capabilities are applicable to both internal and external audits including certification or vendor assessment.

Highlighted Features supporting Audit Management

  • Audit Universe :: Maintain a single repository of all auditable entities according to the organization hierarchy, enabling top-down and bottom up approaches to risk assessments and creation of annual and multi-year audit plans.
  • Audit Planning :: Visual dashboard and ad hoc reporting provide real-time and historical audit risks to assist in the planning of audit. Setup and issue initial audit assessments to teams. Develop and re-use standardized and custom audit assessments.
  • Auddit Workpaper Management :: Track workpapers and artifacts. Provide review comments and approval on workpapers or supporting artifacts.
  • Audit Finding Management :: Track audit reports. Create and associate findings from audit reports to one or more failed controls, control test cases, or impacted assets.
  • Audit Remediation Management :: Link audit reports to corrective actions. Define and prioritize corrective actions and supporting milestones, and their implementation to address identified findings. Remediation milestones may be assigned to multiple individuals. Track remediation progress with milestone status updates.
  • Audit Reporting :: Automate the generation of organizational and regulatory-specific documents supporting audits based on pre-defined templates.
  • Active Audit Notifications :: Proactively obtain personalized notifications on audit activities as it happens and at pre-defined schedules.

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