Policy Management

Policy ManagementWith TrustedAgent GRC, organizations can centrally define and publish applicable policies, standards, and controls from organizational level to lower units (division, business units, etc.). Organizations may also add to, augment specific regulation controls with additional or specific requirements, guidance, or best practices. Organizations can also implement reports and documents customizable to meet specific-regulatory, industry, or organization specifications.

Highlighted Features supporting Policy Management

  • Central Policy Management :: Centrally manage applicable regulations, policies, and standards across the organization and lower units. Specify specific policies to lower units based on geographical or functional uniqueness. Centrally manage acknowledgement of acceptance/rejection from users for changes to policies and preocedures.
  • Control Content Authoring :: Customize and modify policies and controls derived from governing regulations, industry standards and guidelines with organizational-specific policies or unique requirements. Add roles, organization guidelines and implementation methods or best practices, test cases or other custom data fields.
  • Authorization Content Authoring :: Create and deploy organization, industry and regulatory-relevant templates as generated reports and documents, including but not limited to, risk assessment, contingency plan, system security plan, control assessment report, executive assessment summary, attestations, etc., across organizational units.
  • Hierarchy-based Content :: Both Control and Authorization content can be defined differently for each level of the organization hierarchy, to support unique functional or geographical (country-based) requirements.
  • Control Overlays across Multiple Regulations and Standards :: Seamlessly map control implementation and effectiveness from one standard to another using industry guidelines, eliminating errors and duplication of effort.

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