Authorization Management

Authorization Management

TrustedAgent centrally manages body of evidence (BoE) including but not limited to security plan, IT contingency plan, risk assessment, assessment report, etc. along with the key performance metrics. TrustedAgent automates the generation of BoE documentation based on pre-defined templates, and provides customization support for organizations to further refine the templates to address specific requirements of lower units such as divisions, business, or functional units.

Highlighted Features supporting Authorization Management

  • Repository for Authorization Management :: Track key performance metrics including artifact status, and completion and expiration dates. Upload and maintain artifacts to support compliance.
  • Multi-level Artifact Validation and Review :: Support direct supervision and oversight group to review accuracy and completeness of artifacts.
  • Template-based Document Generation :: Generate authorization documents based on pre-defined templates with rich-text support and embedded images and appendices.
  • Proactive Notification :: Ensure timely implementation and readiness with comprehensive alerts for authorization activities.

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