Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk ManagementTrustedAgent provides an integrated and rigorous platform to identify, prioritize, and manage multiple and cross-enterprise risks and their risk responses in standardized approach. TrustedAgent allows organizations to identify and assess risks for regulations including SOX, PCI, FFIEC, NERC, NIST, COBIT, ISO, HIPAA and others, as well as organization-specific policies. With TrustedAgent, organizations can quantify risks on their inventory and impact assets, and to prioritize and manage resources to remediate the identified risks.

Highlighted Features supporting Enterprise Risk Management

  • Enterprise-wide Risk Reporting :: Multi-level graphical dashboard provides risk details and risk scorecard across the organization and down to lower units and to individual assets.
  • Geo-located Risk :: Inventory entities can be geographically mapped to assess impact of risks from nature and location risks.
  • Risk Performance :: Manage risk metrics include authorization metrics, control implementation and compliance metrics, finding and remediation metrics, and corrective action metrics. Prioritize and allocate resources based on current and historical risk metric performance.
  • Risk Governance :: Create custom risk indicators and measures using the ad hoc report module.

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