Compliance Management

Compliance ManagementTrustedAgent enables organizations to simplify compliance management to PCI, SOX, HIPAA, ISO, COBIT, NERC, GLBA, FISMA, DIACAP and many others. TrustedAgent streamlines compliance management enabling organizations to reduce complexity and cost, eliminate information silos, and save time and resources. With TrustedAgent, organizations gain visibility to compliance activities of their enterprise across overlapping regulations, able to identify any compliance gaps, and implement and manage remediation activities.

Highlighted Features supporting Compliance Management

  • Centralized Risk and Compliance Management :: Maintain a central inventory of processes and assets, the implementation and effectiveness of the controls to comply to one or more specific regulations. Automate, create and track key documents, artifacts, statuses and dates to demonstrate current compliance and support ongoing compliance.
  • Control Implementation and Assessment :: Implement controls against established standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001, FFIEC and others. Track compliance of controls and supporting audit artifacts. Assess effectiveness of control implementation using standard test cases associated with each control. Optionally, custom test cases can also be integrated to support any unique requirements of the organization.
  • Common Control Management :: Define and leverage common and hybrid controls across the enterprise and within business units.
  • Control Overlays across Multiple Regulations and Standards :: Seamlessly map control implementation and effectiveness from one standard to another using industry guidelines, eliminating errors and duplication of effort.
  • Finding Identification and Remediation Management :: Create findings from failed test case or failed control implementation. Prioritize and quantify findings. Link findings to impact assets. Develop and manage corrective actions and supporting milestones to remediate identified risks.
  • Visual Dashboard :: Graphical dashboard provides high level and detailed views to compliance metrics, control implementation and assessment compliance, findings, and corrective actions in real-time and as trends over time.
  • Compliance Reporting :: Create and manage organizational and regulation-specific documents demonstrating compliance using TrustedAgent's customizable template-based authoring module.
  • Continuous Monitoring for Key Controls :: Support periodic retesting of key controls for effectiveness over time or on-demand to support remediation verification.

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